About me

My first choice as a career was driving trucks. 30 ton dumps to 18 wheelers.
I drove Macks, Autocars, Internationals, Whites, Freightliners.
I quickly learned how humdrum it can be.
For instance, waiting at NYC’s Fulton Fish Market at two in the morning to get unloaded, not a lot of fun.
So with my wealth of knowledge of truck routes, double clutching and avoiding weigh stations,
I decided that advertising creative was for me.

Since leaving the trucking industry, I have worked for some exceptional companies.
From small to global agencies all across the country.
Along the way, working with some of the most talented and generous people in the business.
I was also exposed to a vast array of clients and products.
Everything from frozen juices to luxury yachts to global financial companies.
Along the way, having my work honored by numerous national and international awards.
Some for clients or products you never see the shows
Like a financial risk company or a county agency that collects trash for example.
Now I offer all these years of experience and expertise to agencies anywhere in the world.
Plus I have the added benefit of being able to handle a twin-screw
tractor-trailer with a 15-speed Road Ranger.